Welcome to Astoria Video Auditions, your Friendly Neighborhood Self-tape Studio.

DUE TO COVID-19: We are still open! However, appointments will be more spaced out to allow time for extensive cleaning between clients and to maintain appropriate social distancing during appointments. This may result in longer delays before appointment requests are approved.

We’re founded and run by actors, so we get it. Auditioning can be a stressful (sometimes even demeaning) experience, antithetical to what you love and hunger for as an artist. That’s why we have one simple goal: to make you love your audition.

We work with you as artists – Everyone on our staff is an actor as well as a skilled cameraperson and producer. This means you’ll be in the room with someone who will not only make you look your best and give real-world feedback when requested, and have a skilled actor reading across from you to generously support your work.

We respect your time and your money – Our rates start at $20 for an 10-minute Express appointment with up to two takes of a one- or two-page side, a one-minute monologue, or a single SlateShot (view all rates and details or email us with your particular needs): You’ve done your work, you’d knock it out in 5 minutes in the Casting Director’s office, so why spend more time or money than you need to at a self-tape studio?

We guarantee same-day delivery on all appointments – Last minute self-tape requests barely give you time to breathe before the submission is due. With our fast standard turnaround, you can spend more time preparing your side and less time wondering when it’ll show up in your inbox. Typical turnaround is within 4 hours — if you need it even faster, just let us know!

We’re open early, late, and on weekends — all at standard pricing – Your schedule was already overbooked before this audition, so we’re open outside of muggle hours, because Duh. We also build in a 10-minute buffer before every audition appointment, so if you’re the kind of actor that gets to your appointments a few minutes early (yay you!), you can relax on a couch instead of standing in the rain. Because, again: Duh.

Click “Book Now” to schedule an appointment or call us at (347) 417-5876 with any questions.

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Coaching, custom fully-produced original film clips, and reel editing services are also available. Shoot us an email to astoriavideoauditions@lupoblu.com or call (347) 417-5876 for more information!

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